Americans Bear Arms

Mass Shootings between 1967 and 2016

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What patterns can be found from looking at different factors of mass shooting incidents? How do motives relate to factors such as victim count or location? Where and when have shootings occured, what happened, and why?

Data for this project comes from Stanford University Digital Library's Mass Shooting Database. Mass shooting is defined as 3 or more victims shot with a firearm in one incident, not including gang, drug, or organized crime-related incidents.

The first view maps 5 dimensions of information on axes:
place, motive, shooter age, victims, shooter fate.

Filter each axis and begin to find patterns.

The second view focuses on frequency over time, location, and number of victims.
Select an incident and read about what happened and the motives of the shooter.

The time axis allows for filtering enabling custom time-span comparisons.